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School Rules

1.  Any students unable to attend class for any reason must let Miss Alanna know either by phone, email or text message prior to not attending.

2.  All students must be courteous and respectful to both teachers and fellow students at all times. 

3.  Parents need to apply to all parking rules and restrictions in the surrounding area. Please do not park in or across driveways, even if you are only dropping your child off. 

4.  Please do not enter the studio while classes are in progress, including private tuition lessons.

5.  Any behaviour/conduct/language by the pupils that is deemed to be unacceptable by the school teachers or principal will be reported to the parent/guardian. Upon the second or third report students may be asked not to attend classes.

6.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, their progress or classes please speak directly to Miss Alanna outside of normal class times.

7.  Students are required to follow the school uniform regulations, be groomed correctly (hair in a bun) and be on time for all their classes. Students consistently ignoring these requirements will be unable to participate in classes.

8.  No jewellery or watches are to be worn in class. Students will be asked to remove them. This is for the safety of all students participating in the class.

9.  No chewing gum, food or drink is to be eaten during class. Please note Dance Desires has a strict NO NUT policy, so if you do provide your child with a snack between or after classes it must NOT contain NUTS. We have many students who are highly allergic to nuts and we like to be considerate to all.

10.  Due care will be taken with your children while they are in classes, however in case of illness or injury where parents are uncontactable, Dance Desires will seek medical advice and act accordingly where treatment is deemed necessary. The cost will be incurred by the parent/guardian.

11.  Students will be supervised at all times during their classes, however, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to promptly collect their child at the end of the dance classes.

12. No person/s may use the name of the school for publication or perform any dances choreographed by its teachers without the permission of the Principal.

13.  Casting for all performances is decided by the Principal or teachers and is final. No discussion will be entered into regarding selection for private lessons, solos, duo/trio, auditions or troupes.

14.  Students enrolled at Dance Desires may not be enrolled at another dance school without prior consent.

Discontinuation of Enrolment:
Discontinuation of enrolment must be in writing to Dance Desires or by telephoning the Principal prior to the end of a school term. Failure to advise Dance Desires may mean that another student misses out on a position in the class. If you choose to cease classes mid term, we do not offer a refund for any missed classes in that term.

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