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6 Egan Street, Carnegie VIC 3163

ph: 0438 305 440

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Dance Desires

dancedesires about us

Dance Desires encourages a love and passion for dance in a safe, nurturing and happy environment; focused not only on providing students with a sound technical basis, but on helping to grow intelligent, creative and intuitive individuals. ​

Committed to fostering an open and honest atmosphere, Dance Desires encourages communication and strives to work co-operatively with students, families, teachers and dance school and dance organisations alike in promoting a good standard and reputation for the dance profession.

Dance Desires approaches the art of dance with a professional attitude, encompassing punctuality, reliability and attention to detail, ensuring each class is kept to an appropriate size so that a high standard of technique may be taught.

Teachers work to create a productive and supportive learning environment by using suitable and flexible teaching methods. Guidance and encouragement is readily offered to each individual student; limitations acknowledged and worked around or improved upon, and student potential recognized and developed.

Beyond evolving a student’s self-discipline, self-confidence and motivation, Dance Desires also expands each child’s musical appreciation, characterization, expression, and movement skills.

Dance Desires believes that Classical Ballet forms a solid base for all other styles of dance. It can help to enhance co-ordination, posture, placement, body and spatial awareness, self-discipline, performance and communication, all of which are skills readily adapted into everyday life.

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