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Joining Dance Desires Performance Groups is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn the value of teamwork and gain performance experience. Most importantly it is a whole lot of fun! Performance Groups will participate in various dance competitions and community events regularly throughout the year.


In order to join a Performance Group, students and parents must understand that a high level of dedication is required. It is important students attend all weekly classes and show a high level of commitment to their dancing team. 


Importantly, we offer Performance Groups at each level of dance so that at competitions, you are most likely competing against children the same age.


All performance dates are published in December of the prior year, costumes are provided by Dance Desires and competition entry fees are included in the term fees. Performance Groups aim to be inclusive of all students able to meet the class requirements. Any student wishing to express their interest in a performance group, should speak with Miss Alanna.

Performance Group
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The Company Performance Group is designed for students who demonstrate outstanding commitment to Dance Desires, who have exceptional talent for their age and have a very strong work ethic. At Dance Desires we are mindful of the students who take dancing very seriously and who share aspirations of dancing in the future.


The Company teams are by selection only and are designed to develop the students technique, performance skills and confidence in any situation. 


The Company teams compete in regional competitions as well as Interstate at a National level. We hope by exposing the students to such opportunities they will be able to reach their full potential. Selection for Company is by audition only and is announced in December of each year.

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Becoming a Dance Desires Soloist is an honour and a privilege. Soloist are by selection only and are offered to students who show a real confidence for performing and who are self motivated for home practice.


Soloists learn routines in their private lessons (1 on 1 coaching) throughout the regular term and school holidays. They compete throughout the year at various dance competitions and it is at the discretion of the soloist how many competitions they enter throughout the year and which competitions they choose to enter. Entry fees for solos are paid by the student directly to the dance competition.


Soloist costumes are provided by Dance Desires for a small hiring fee. All solo styles and music are selected by the teacher to ensure the students are presenting the best possible performance. A Dance Desires staff member is present at as many dance competitions as possible.


Students who wish to express an interest in solos should speak with Miss Alanna

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