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School Policies


Class Observation Policy

At Dance Desires we work hard to provide I high standard of teaching, and therefore are proud for a parents to view classes. Each studio has purpose built viewing windows so parents can watch classes on a regular basis without disrupting learning.


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Missed Class Policy


Dance Desires does not issue refunds for missed classes as you are holding a position in the class, however, you are encouraged to participate in a make-up class.


All classes missed may be made up in another class of any style. Please check with Miss Alanna as to which class would be most appropriate. Classes must be made up within the term they are missed. They cannot be carried over into the next term.


Consideration will be given to special circumstances.


 If you choose to cease classes mid term, we do not offer a 10 refund for any missed classes in that term.

External Programs

Dance Desires is supportive of any student who wishes to participate in external dance programs.


Please note that there are several conditions we require you to adhere to:

  • Miss Alanna must be notified of all external programs being entered​

  • Dance Desires competition dates must always take priority where a clash occurs​​

  • Dance Desires exam dates must always take priority where a clash occurs

  • Please keep in mind the current workload of the child before accepting any further dance opportunities.​


Miss Alanna and our Dance Desires staff are always happy to support our dancers and where possible, attend any performances that the child may be performing in.  

Concert Commitment

Students must attend 80% of classes in Term 4 to be eligible to participate in the concert. This applies to all students, in all classes, and is in place to be fair to other class members and teachers.


It can be extremely disruptive when students miss classes, as teachers often don't have the time to go over old work again and the other students get confused with patterns and groups when children are missing. This causes distress to everyone which Dance Desires strongly wishes to avoid.


If you know you will not be able to make either classes or rehearsals due to holidays or other commitments please let Miss Alanna know well in advance so she can plan around it. 

Dance Desires Child Safety Policy 

This policy outlines our fundamental approach to the protection of children from abuse. It will be communicated via the Dance Desires website to the public, to our students and their families / guardians and to our staff.


All student families are required to acknowledge that they have read the policies and code of conduct rules on enrolment via Dance Desires online Student Enrolment Form. All Staff will undertake the appropriate training to educate them about the Child protection and Safety Policies and Procedures.


The following Child Protection and Safety Policy is in place to meet the guidelines set out in Standard 2 of the Victoria Child Safe Standards. Please follow the link to read full policy document.

Code of Conduct



Students are required to respect the rights and privacy of their fellow dancers and teachers.

Students are required to respect Dance Desires property


Students are required to be punctual to all classes and advise teachers if they will be absent


Students are required to use appropriate respectful language around fellow students and teachers while at the Studio.


Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain neat and clean studios, and amenities.


Student honesty is mandatory. Stealing is not tolerated and could result in expulsion from the school.



Teachers will ensure that students are given the opportunity to learn and train in a safe, secure and nurturing environment

Teachers will use positive, respectful language when teaching and give constructive feedback


Teachers will instruct students regardless of talent or ability and encourage all students to extend themselves and continually improve their individual performance.

Teachers will be punctual and prepared for their classes


Teachers will respect the rights and privacy of students and faculty members

Policy & Program Review

Dance Desires is committed to the continuous improvement of our Child Protection Program. The Program will be regularly reviewed for overall effectiveness and compliance.

Students are required to respect the rights and privacy of their fellow dancers and teachers.

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