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School Policies

Parent Observation Classes


Parent Observation Classes will be held on the last week of Terms 1 and 3. Parents, relatives and friends are welcome to observe classes from within the studio during this time only.

All other classes can be viewed through the viewing window and we kindly ask that you are mindful of distracting both the students and teachers whist you are watching.

All parents are welcome to discuss their child's progress at any time by phoning Miss Alanna.

Heat Policy

The Dance Desires Heat Policy only applies to the 6 Egan Street studio.

The policy states that if the temperature on the Bureau of Meteorology website (BOM) at 3pm is 37 degrees or above that all weekday afternoon classes commencing between 4:15pm and 6.15pm may be cancelled.  

All classes running on Saturday run as normal regardless of the forecast temperature as all class commence by 9.00am.

One make up lesson can be taken at any of the corresponding classes we offer.  For eg. If a Grade 1 ballet class is cancelled, children may attend one of the other 2 classes offered during the week of or the week following the heat affected class.   No time credits will be given if you are unable to attend. 

In high temperatures that are less than 37 degrees, classes will be modified to reduce the intensity of training and more stretching and injury prevention activities will be added, along with more drink breaks. 

It will be at the discretion of Dance Desires to shorten or cancel classes if a heat wave occurs.  It is the parents decision whether or not a dancer attends class however missed sessions will not be credited unless Dance Desires cancels the class.

Missed Class Policy

Dance Desires offers make up classes for all missed classes during a term which are a result of illness or family holidays.

The make up class must be in the same style as what has been missed. For e.g. if a student misses a ballet class, then they can only attend another ballet class as a make up.

We do not offer discounted fees in a term for missed classes for family holidays or illness.  However, fees will be pro rated should a child have a significant injury that prevents them from attending classes over an extended period of time.  A doctors certificate is required and approval from Miss Alanna.

External Programs

Dance Desires is supportive of any student who wishes to participate in external dance programs.


Please note that there are several conditions we require you to adhere to:

  • Miss Alanna must be notified of all external programs being entered​

  • Dance Desires competition dates must always take priority where a clash occurs​​

  • Dance Desires exam dates must always take priority where a clash occurs

  • Please keep in mind the current workload of the child before accepting any further dance opportunities.​


Miss Alanna and our Dance Desires staff are always happy to support our dancers and where possible, attend any performances that the child may be performing in.  

Concert Commitment

Students must attend 80% of classes in Term 4 to be eligible to participate in the concert. This applies to all students, in all classes, and is in place to be fair to other class members and teachers.


It can be extremely disruptive when students miss classes, as teachers often don't have the time to go over old work again and the other students get confused with patterns and groups when children are missing. This causes distress to everyone which Dance Desires strongly wishes to avoid.


If you know you will not be able to make either classes or rehearsals due to holidays or other commitments please let Miss Alanna know well in advance so she can plan around it.