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Age Groupings

Kinder Dance 1 (2-3 years olds)

Kinder Dance 1 is a fun introduction to dance. This class encourages students to explore their imagination to help learn basic dance movements such as gallops, turns, balances, and leaps. The class uses a multitude of props such as fairy wands, butterfly wings, pom poms, hula hoops, silk scarves and musical instruments to develop student’s fundamental movement skills. One moment they can be frogs jumping from one lily pad to another, the next they’re kings and queens at the royal fairy ball. This imaginative approach to dance successfully encourages a true love of dance and movement.

Kinder Dance 2 (4-5 years olds)

Kinder Dance 2 is a 45 minute combination class that introduces children to basic Ballet, Tap and Jazz technique. Emphasis is placed on having fun and being creative whilst learning coordination, flexibility and musicality. Students learn short dance combinations to age and style appropriate music. All exercises are designed to encourage and support students in their efforts to learn fundamental movement skills. The Tap component of the class encourages an understanding of music and rhythm, Ballet teaches poise, grace, and posture, while Jazz encourages freedom of movement and self-expression.

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PrePrimary (Prep/foundation students)

The Pre-Primary Combination class is an hour in duration and includes Ballet, Tap and Jazz styles and techniques. The recently updated R.A.D Ballet syllabus teaches students the fundamentals of dance through a creative approach to ballet and classical music. This structured class uses props and musical instruments to help students develop and refine general body awareness, coordination, rhythm and timing, core control and strength, general arm and feet positions and elevation. The Jazz component includes stretching, cardiovascular warm-up, basic body isolations and coordination exercises using upbeat and popular music. The Tap component introduces children to basic tap steps and slightly slower music so that children can develop a sense of rhythm and learn to count music while dancing to it at the same time. Students at this level are also able to participate in an R.A.D Pre-Primary Assessment.

Primary (6-7 years old)

Primary is a 90 minute combination class that teaches Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Although it is not compulsory to learn all three styles, it is encouraged so that the students receive a well-rounded dance education. Primary Ballet focuses on enhancing and refining skills learnt in lower levels as well as introducing students to new steps and techniques. Exercises are based on arm and feet positions, proper body placement, control and coordination, musicality and self-expression. Using a mixture of floor and centre exercises, travelling steps and allegro exercises, students begin to develop a broader spectrum of dance. The recently updated R.A.D Primary syllabus takes a modern approach to classical music and fosters a love of ballet through self-expression and storytelling skills. It moves students away from the stuffy old traditions of ballet and into the wonderful world of dance. Primary Tap/Jazz is a combination class that allows students to learn simple Jazz and Tap moves as well as routines to modern music. The class includes a warm-up to help the dancer prepare for the more complex steps ahead, and encourages flexibility and general acrobatic skills. Jazz exercises help develop balance, strength, and stability while Tap exercises develop rhythm and musicality

Grade 1 & Above

Please speak to Principal Alanna Partridge for guidance on appropriate class options.

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