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2020 Online Classes

 Expectations, Processes and Policies

Online classes to begin Tuesday 14th April

Dance Desires will be launching our online classes at the start of term 2, Tuesday 14th April 2020. Our online classes will consist of the following:  

Pre- Recorded class content

These videos have been broken down into weekly classes including syllabus, corrections, training exercises and rehearsals with the music. The idea is that students can watch the weekly content as many times as they wish. The can go back to exercises and skills to perfect and refine.  The videos will periodically be emailed to you via a private link. You can download these and add them to devices for future reference.

Online Zoom classes

This will give the students a chance to catch up with all their friends and teachers allowing them to stay connected and gain some normality back in their life. Due to the nature of these classes and the current government restrictions that need to be adhered to, we have formatted a new timetable which is available on this website. 

Online Zoom class policies

  • Students will need to be dressed in their dance attire  

  • Students will need to ensure their space is safe and clear 

  • Parental approval is a must

  • Dance Desires is not liable for any issues/injuries arising from Zoom Classes in the home

  • Classes will only be open to Dance Desires students

Privacy issues

Please note that students have the option to join the class without showing video content. So if for any reasons parents are not comfortable with their house/garage being on display, then students can still participate.  This would mean however that teachers cannot see the students and therefore will not be able to correct the student.

Technical issues

If for any reason internet connection is lost from the students end, the class will be recorded and students can download and watch at a later time. The class will only be held on the cloud for 10hrs before it is permanently deleted. Once again the only people with access to this video will be the students in the class.


Minimum Numbers

Live Zoom classes will only continue where there is a minimum of 4 students in the class and as teaching online is a new forum to Dance Desires, its staff and the students, we ask for you to bare with us as we continue to work on the best options forward to ensure maximum benefit for each and every child.

Technical Information:

We ask that students and families download the Zoom Application on to their preferred device/s. We recommend students use the largest screen possible, eg a laptop. The use of Google ChromeCast and Apple Airplay is also possible when using the Zoom Application. 

Each specific class will be provided a unique Zoom Meeting ID which will remain the same throughout the term. This will allow students and families a consistent and easy way to log in to classes each week. 


  • Make sure your space is well lit, and light is not behind you.

  • Find a space that has a plain background (if possible) like a blank wall so that your teacher can easily see your positioning, lines and technique. If you don't have a blank wall you may wish to hang a sheet behind you, or drape a light coloured sheet over furniture behind you. 

  • Set your laptop/device up before the class starts to check that it is positioned so that your whole body is in the shot. At times, your teacher may ask you to move closer to your device to show eg, hand positioning. Keep checking that you are still in shot when you do this. 

  • Check sound levels 

  • Begin each session with your audio off until your teacher calls on you.

  • Use the hand raising button is you have a question, or need some help from your teacher. How to rasie your hand

  • Just like classes in the studio, stay focused and avoid talking unless called upon by your teacher or you have a question. It is important that the rest of the class can hear your teacher's instructions. 

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